Thanksgiving Kitchen Essentials


SAC_TG_Tools_v2I’m getting pretty excited for Thanksgiving Day! If you’re cooking or hosting Thanksgiving this year, I’m sure you’ve already been planning your menu. What I love about Turkey Day so much is that you can always cook the traditional dishes, but put a different spin on them each year. There really are countless ways to make mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce!! Last year was my first year hosting and I realized I didn’t have some of the Thanksgiving kitchen essentials or staples I needed! I had to buy a roasting pan, brining bags, more white serving bowls, a good thermometer and some other tools that helped me create a yummy Thanksgiving dinner. I wanted to share some items that you might not have in your kitchen, but I promise you’ll get so much use out of, especially for Thanksgiving!

1. Turkey Roasting Pan

2. Serving Bowls

3. Roasting Laurel

4. Pastry Brushes

5. Cream Whipper

6. Brining Bags + Twine

7. Garlic Press

8. Instant Digital Thermometer

9. World’s Greatest Potato Masher

10. Gravy Warmer

11. Quality Serving Knives

12. Rectangular Baking Dish

13. Dripless Turkey Baster

14. Ladles

15. Salad Spinner


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