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Thanksgiving Leftovers Appetizer: Turkey Salad Topped with Cranberry Sauce


TriscuitAppeztizer_14TriscuitAppeztizer_12 TriscuitAppeztizer_1 TriscuitAppeztizer_13Every year, we spend weeks planning and preparing a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner for our family and friends. Most of the time all of this work is done while hosting overnight guests for the holiday. It’s a very busy time of year with numerous activities, shopping to be done and our tradition of starting our Christmas movie marathon… I know – early but can you blame me?! As we all can relate to, turkey dinner can be even better the next day, which takes some of the stress off of having to prepare a second meal the day after. Instead, it’s fun to try new ways of incorporating all of those yummy leftovers into new dishes and appetizers.

I was pretty excited when Triscuit reached out to me to collaborate in creating 3 holiday recipes with their new flavor, Cranberry & Sage! I’ve been eating Triscuit crackers since I was a kid and I’m all about creating easy, delicious appetizers for entertaining, especially ones that you can eat with your fingers… ahem, we’re all sick of doing dishes the day after Thanksgiving! So this first recipe is one that you can easily whip up after Turkey Day for all of your hungry family members. It’s a simple turkey salad topped with leftover cranberry sauce on top of a Triscuit Cranberry & Sage cracker! Yes, it’s incredibly divine. Serve with a yummy salad and there’s your post-holiday lunch.

Also, don’t forget to buy a few boxes and plan your meal for the days following Thanksgiving so you don’t have to run back to the store. With this simple and delicious recipe, you can finally relax and enjoy the holiday weekend!

Turkey Salad topped with Cranberry Sauce (Makes 16)
1 box of Triscuit Cranberry & Sage crackers
1 1/2 cups chopped turkey meat
1 tablespoon chopped green onion
3 tablespoons mayonnaise
1/4 teaspoon pepper
1 teaspoon orange juice
1 tablespoon chopped pecans
1/2 cup leftover cranberry sauce

Combine all of the ingredients except cranberry sauce together and mix well. Place a small amount of turkey salad on each individual Triscuit Cranberry & Sage cracker. Top with leftover cranberry sauce.

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7 responses to Thanksgiving Leftovers Appetizer: Turkey Salad Topped with Cranberry Sauce

  1. Gina
    November 10, 2014

    Hi Eden,

    Looks so festive. I was wondering, I’m not fond of mayonnaise and so is it possible to substitute the mayo for plain Greek Yogurt. Thanks so much.

    1. Eden
      November 10, 2014

      Thanks Gina! That is such a good idea to use greek yogurt! I’m not sure how it will taste, but maybe add in some olive oil with it? Do a little less of the yogurt too. Hopefully it turns out great!

  2. Rae
    November 11, 2014

    These look super tasty. My family generally makes turkey sandwhiches for days after thanksgiving, but this idea for turkey leftovers is also a great one. Thanks for sharing. Will have to send this to my mom!

    rae of love from berlin

  3. November 11, 2014

    Just bought some Trisciuts and will defiantly use this recipe the weekend after Thanksgiving. Great pictures too!

    1. Eden
      November 11, 2014

      Yay!! Thanks for the sweet comment Gina! Love hearing that you’re inspired to make it! It was a hit in our home, so I’m sure I’ll be making it again 🙂

  4. Bobby K
    November 29, 2018

    I tried this today and it was so good! Definitely will be saving this recipe, Thank you!

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