10 Charming Ways to Decorate Christmas Cookies


We’re ending Sugar and Charm’s cookie week with 10 charming ways to decorate Christmas cookies! There is definitely an art to decorating sugar cookies. I find that the consistency of the frosting has to be just right so it’s not too thick or too runny. I always use meringue powder to make it. Also, having different sized frosting tips helps too! Hope you’re all in the holiday baking spirit! And don’t forget to enter our KitchenAid giveaway this week! We’ll be choosing a winner on Wednesday.

1. Adorable Reindeer Cookies

2. Love this idea for Poinsettias!

3. Charming Snowflakes

4. Snowy Gingerbread Tree

5. The Cutest Snowmen!

6. Funny Little Elf Cookies

7. Classic Green and Red Wreaths

8. Gingerbread Donut Cookies

9. Santa Macarons!

10. Charming Mittens

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4 responses to 10 Charming Ways to Decorate Christmas Cookies

  1. December 14, 2014

    Love every one of these! Thanks for sharing such great ideas!

  2. chris owen
    December 16, 2014

    love your butter twist cookies! hey when i click on santa macarons up pops a site in a foreign language?
    happy holidays to you & yours

  3. Ann
    December 16, 2014

    Great, now I’m FORCED to create a huge batch of cookies to experiment on, haha!

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