Educational Gift Guide for Kids


GIFT_GUIDE_KIDS_4I feel like most things kids do or play with are somewhat educational as they’re always learning with new activities and games. But this year instead of compiling a list of toys that are the most popular or trendy, we rounded up a few of our favorite educational gifts for kids. We’re looking forward to getting our son the one gift he wants most and then a few items off this list! I’ve made it my mission to not go overboard even though I want to buy him everything. We’d rather give him a few meaningful toys that he can learn from and explore with!

Educational Gift Guide for Kids

Spanish Bingo – What a great way for kids to learn basic words in another language!

Reflector Telescope – We love stargazing and spotting airplanes in the sky! What an awesome tool this would be to have for kids. I’m actually looking forward to getting one of these myself!

Chess and Checkers Board Game – It’s never too early to practice strategy! Board games = good bonding time.

United States Map Puzzle – This classic wooden puzzle is a fun way to learn the states and sneak in some geography.

LEGO Architecture Landmark – Celebrate the world of architecture with the coolest of the LEGO bunch! I love this series and think it would be fun to build one with my child!

Cosmic Rocket – We’re all about rockets and volcanos in our house and I know this would provide a lot of fun for our little boy! A nice intro into physics because we know how much we all love physics in high school… haha

Raddish Activity Sets – These kits are a great way to introduce cooking, ingredients and anything that has to do with culinary education at a young age. The sets are really adorable and arrive at your doorstep every month! It’s the perfect activity to have on hand for the moments you realize you have nothing for your kids to do. Hello and thank you Raddish!

Dr. Seuss’s Beginner Book Collection – We’ve read and loved these books over and over again. I think this is the perfect gift for toddlers and young children.

Romo the Robot – We featured this guy on Sugar and Charm’s new section Daily Charm. I’m all about technology at a young age for this generation. It’s the way of the world and I think starting early is a good idea. Romo the Robot is not only adorable, but he teaches the basics of computer programming while kids play!

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2 responses to Educational Gift Guide for Kids

  1. Kimyee
    December 10, 2014

    I saw Romo on Daily Charm–and ordered it for my daughter the other day! (I’m so excited about this gift, HA!) Thanks for the gift ideas. Happy Holidays to you and yours! xo

    1. Eden
      December 15, 2014

      Kim! That is amazing! I’m dying to get that for Romeo but I think he might be too young still… probably for his birthday in May! I think it’s the coolest thing, haha!! Let me know your thoughts on it too 🙂 Merry Christmas to you!! XOXO

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