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PhotoPrintWrappingPaper_2PhotoPrintWrappingPaper_3PhotoPrintWrappingPaper_1A few years ago (wow time flies), I did a video on photo print wrapping paper and have since wrapped several of my presents like this! We recently re-shot the idea for FYI which will be broadcast on the FYI channel! I realized I never took any good photos of it and it’s such a wonderful idea for this time of the year! So here you have it, our photo print wrapping paper… updated photos and our original video for Lifetime Moms! Watch the video at the bottom of the post for the how-to!

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2 responses to Photo Print Wrapping Paper

  1. Ann
    December 16, 2014

    I just did a post myself on gift wrapping, but this is stunning! Love it, makes it easy to personalize even the wrapping!


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