10 Ways to Brighten your Morning


10WaystoBrightenYourMorning_with quoteInternationalChaiTea_9 InternationalChaiTea_2InternationalChaiTea_1InternationalChaiTea_10InternationalChaiTea_8InternationalChaiTea_4InternationalChaiTea_5InternationalChaiTea_6InternationalChaiTea_3InternationalChaiTea_7A smooth, relaxing morning is imperative since it can really set the tone for the day! Hectic mornings always seem to flow into crazy days. Being a working mom, I’ve finally figured out a few tips and tricks that have helped brighten my morning and work life too! The one thing people don’t like hearing is that I wake up at 5:45am every day. It was terrible for first few weeks, but now it has actually changed my life for the better! Thankfully there are some daily routines you can do to help brighten your morning and help jumpstart your day in the most pleasant way possible. Read my top 10 tips below for a brighter morning!

Wake up early: Set your alarm at least an hour or two before the rest of the house awakes and enjoy this crucial alone time. I swear this has made a world of difference in my life. By the time my son wakes up, I’ve already gotten an hour of work in and an hour of relaxation and quiet time. I feel accomplished and I’m not running around trying to get him ready, write emails, etc. Try this for 14 days in a row to get your body used to it.

Pour your drink: The first thing I do when I wake up, is pour myself a caffeinated beverage! I like to switch from coffee to Iced Chai Tea Lattes and I love International Delight’s new Caramel Chai! I drink it cold with a little cinnamon sprinkled on it.

Make a list: There is no better feeling than checking to-do’s off a list! Every morning I write down the things I need to accomplish that day. The act of writing my errands down helps me stay organized and visualize what I need to do.

Motivational quote: It’s amazing how an inspirational quote can lift your spirits, motivate you and set your mind to do great things! There are awesome motivational quote apps you can have on your phone, or tape your favorite quote to the fridge. The daily reminder is all you need.

Stretching is a must: It leads to better posture and sends oxygen to the brain for a clearer mind. See how this can brighten your morning?!

Smell the roses: Being greeted by an arrangement of fresh flowers in the morning always brightens my day! Pick some on a walk or buy a bundle when you do your grocery shopping. Make a small arrangement to have in your house all week.

Eat a healthy breakfast: You’ve heard it a million times, but eating a substantial breakfast with protein and complex carbs is the best way to start the day off right and give you energy throughout the day. I toss together a piece of avocado toast, with a fried egg (in olive oil), some red pepper flakes and a little salsa verde. It’s so delicious and satisfying, with protein, heart-healthy monounsaturated fats and complex carbs for energy.

Find a cozy nook: I have a comfortable yellow chair nestled between windows with a small side table where I sit in the morning, editing photos, writing emails, posts and reading the news. I literally look forward to relaxing here in the morning with my chai, computer and a cozy blanket!

Get outside: I will be the first to admit, I really dislike gyms, but I understand it’s the best winter time option for anyone living in the cold. But when the weather warms up, being outside and going on a jog is an excellent way to brighten your morning. Even just a short 15 minute jog or 30 minute walk can do wonders on your day, body and overall mood!

Set your clothes out: We’ve all been there… clothes flying on the floor, can’t find anything to wear which leads to frustration! Choosing your outfit and setting your clothes out the night before tremendously helps to make your morning a lot less stressful! My husband is a saint at doing this and I hope to pass it onto our son. It really does save a lot of extra time.

Photo credit Zan Passante

Graphics by Jillian Schiavi 

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of International Delight. The opinions and text are all mine.

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3 responses to 10 Ways to Brighten your Morning

  1. Kelly D
    March 11, 2015

    Great tips!!! My grandmother taught me to lay out my clothes and I still do it ;p Beautiful pics too

  2. Jessie
    March 11, 2015

    I will need to pick some of that chia up-sounds yummy! But I do not plan on getting up an hour before the rest of the family…maybe once B starts sleeping in later…most mornings he is up by 6! Yikes!

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