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Charming Friday Links: Daylight Saving Time


creative-routines-edit4-1Two things are happening this week! We’re bringing back Charming Friday links after a little break (yay!!) AND we’re springing forward this Sunday, March 8th! Although the first official day of spring isn’t until March 20th, we’re ecstatic to welcome more hours of sunlight into our day! It means we don’t have to race against the clock for the beautiful natural light we like to shoot photos with! Below are some interesting and fun articles all about Daylight Saving Time, clocks and things like that…ha. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

We found this article and diagram (pictured to the right) very intriguing! It’s all about how these great creative minds manage their time? Something we’re always striving to do better at!

Add art to your room with these artist designed wall clocks!

Make your own marble hexagon clock by Sugar & Cloth!
Don’t mess up your sleep schedule! Find out the exact time you should go to sleep.
And if you’re still have trouble getting up… 15 apps to wake you up!
Get ready to spring forward with these tips for the home when you set your clock forward.
Springing forward is kind of like time travel, right…?
Photo and diagram by Info We Trust 
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