10 Chic Bathroom Tiles


63cbc2505ca0b49c6924dabb04f25263 c08c62813f17d8c265bc211710474942 BathroomTile 3f2ae01e92691cbe4a989740f03b5b63 Laurence Pidgeon  Made a Mano c5aa74fb4c88b8fedb7dbef42f467d0a BoldTile_1BoldTile_5BoldTile_3BoldTile_4 Gone are the days of carpeted bathrooms! No seriously, my grandmother had pink carpet in the bathroom and a tub that went into the ground, not above. When I was 5, I thought it was pretty cool, but could you imagine that now?! They say trends rotate throughout the years, but I hope the carpet in the bathroom trend never comes back! But I sure wouldn’t mind if these 10 beautiful, bold and chic bathroom tiles, pictured to the right, stay forever! I’ve been trying to decide on a tile for our master bathroom, but with all of the different choices and styles, it’s hard to choose one! I’ll probably stick with black and white or gray and white for our bathroom, but the gold and turquoise ones are absolutely amazing! I’m also pinning away bathroom inspiration on this board, so follow along!

1. The Design Files

2. Design to Inspire

3. Style Files

4. Home Life

5.  ARC

6. Fabienne Delafraye

7. New York Times

8. de de ce

9. Curbly

10. Home UK

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3 responses to 10 Chic Bathroom Tiles

  1. Wow, great showcase of bathroom tiles. The more tile ideas I collect the bigger problem I will have in my DIY bathroom renovation project… I can already see myself not being able to decide which tile to use.

  2. September 7, 2016

    Wow. Just wow. That is STUNNING! Thank you so much from sharing.

  3. October 20, 2016

    Very nice bathroom designs. Thanks for sharing.

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