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Mariah here! Living out in the country, we like to spend most of our time outdoors. Now that spring has arrived, we’ve been really excited to explore. I wanted to make a blanket for Ember that we could take on our adventures; for picnics, camping and just rolling around. So I made one that could withstand the elements yet still be super cute. Here’s how to make it…

What you’ll need: 2 yards durable fabric like canvas (I designed the print and had it printed on an eco-canvas via Spoonflower. You can purchase the print here,) 2 yards soft fabric for the interior (a nice bright flannel would work well), matching thread, cotton batting and pins.

I cut the two pieces of fabric to 54” square, allowing for 1/5 “ seam allowance. Then cut the batting to 53.5” square.

First pin then sew the two pieces of fabric together, right sides together leaving one end open.

Trim the edges then turn right side out and insert the batting, like you’re stuffing a comforter into a duvet cover. Make sure all the corners match, then fold the open end in and sew all four edges, making sure the batting is secured.

I then sewed a diamond pattern throughout to give it more of a quilted feel, this part is optional, as sewing the edges will secure the batting.

For the tie, take some of your extra fabric and measure a piece by wrapping it around your blanket rolled up, leaving enough to wrap around your button. Then sew 3 sides of your long rectangle piece and turn right side out using a chopstick. Fold the opened end under and sew onto the bottom of your blanket and add the button to the outside of the blanket at the same place where you secured the tie.

I wanted to keep it open, so it could function as a blanket as well as a sleeping bag but you could add snaps, Velcro or a zipper to keep it closed on the sides.

Happy adventuring!

This post was written and created by Mariah of Everything Golden for Sugar and Charm.

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