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eco_products Happy Earth Day! First celebrated in 1970, this day was created to bring awareness of our world and its issues at hand! Since we’re an entertaining site, focusing on charming ideas, we’re keeping it lighthearted. In honor of treating Earth kindly, we pulled together a few of our favorite eco-friendly entertaining products. Some of them are disposable and others, like the adjustable cork bowls, can be reused! And if there is one thing we love around here, it’s easy entertaining, so why not use some eco-friendly disposable plates, cups, bowls and serving trays for your next party?! Easy clean up and you’re helping the world stay a little cleaner too! Happy Earth Day!

Colorful plates from Susty Party

Modern Leafware plate

Charming disposable cutlery

Cotton dinner napkins

Modern disposable coffee cup

Compostable cocktail napkins

Paper straws from Susty Party

Adjust-A-Bowl soft cork bowl


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