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CustomComfortMattressCustomComfortMattress_3CustomComfortMattress_1CustomComfortMatress_4CustomComfortMattress_9CustomComfortMattress_2CustomComfortMatress_6CustomComfortMattress_8Every day, we spend an average of 7 hours sleeping, but so many of us underestimate the power of what a truly goodnight sleep can do for our health! Zan and I have been sleeping on a fairly cheap, 10 year old mattress. The middle is now sunken in and we usually wake up, lumped together in the middle. It’s like waking up in a taco!  And it’s not helping with my back pain. I can tell from the lack of soreness I feel when I sleep in a quality hotel bed. Our bed is also creaky and just fully unenjoyable to sleep on. I’m turning 30 this year and we’re doing a bedroom makeover so I decided this would be the perfect time for an upgrade. We aren’t getting any younger!

So last week, we headed to a family-owned and handmade in Southern California mattress company, called Custom Comfort Mattress, to shop for a new one. I absolutely adore this company since they pay attention to every detail while creating the most luxurious mattresses. And surprisingly, they come in several price ranges making them affordable for everyone! They’re handmade with the finest American materials and double-sided, because regardless what the media says, it’s still super beneficial to turn your mattress. So, everything that is built on one side of their mattresses is built on the other, making them last even longer. They can create an all organic, natural, hypoallergenic mattress as well and can do ANY shape! I’m talking hearts, diamonds or circles, haha! Can’t imagine where you would find heart-shaped sheets though! We had such a blast shopping in the Pasadena store with Angelique. It was such a peaceful environment and she really took the time to teach us the science of a mattress too. We were impressed with service that was as comfy as the mattresses.

We tested several different mattresses and decided on a firm one with a softer pillow topper. That way we can just switch out our topper over the years instead of purchasing a new mattress. Great tip from Angelique! I also decided on a solid foundation rather than one with springs. I noticed a huge difference with movements with a springy foundation than a solid… who knew?! The fully latex topper also absorbs movement, making Zan’s flip-flopping less noticeable. Yay! We upgraded to a king finally too, which I’m so excited about! I’ll be posting the full bedroom makeover in a few months too!

If you wan to visit a Custom Comfort Mattress Store to check them out… or just to take a quick nap (haha!) they have several locations you can see here.

Photos by MadCitizen for Sugar and Charm.




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2 responses to Shopping For the Right Mattress

  1. Caitlin
    June 4, 2015

    We need a new bed so badly! Looks like a great company. Love the overhead pic of you!! Thanks for sharing Eden 😉

    1. Eden
      June 4, 2015

      Thanks Caitlin! It’s honestly such an enormous difference, I can’t tell you. Loved our experience.

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