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10 Quick Tips for Cleaning Before a Party!


Clorox_Cleaning_TipsClorox_Cleaning_Tips_2KITCHENAFTERClorox_Cleaning_Tips_1Clorox_Cleaning_Tips_3KitchenBeforeAfter41After cooking and prepping for a party, the house is usually a mess! I leave myself about 20 minutes to straighten up, do a quick cleaning, light a fragrant candle and prepare for my guests’ arrival. Over the years, I’ve learned some tricks for easy cleaning that allows you to do it quickly and efficiently! And please share any tips you have… I would love to know more!

1. Set a timer. This will help tremendously with managing your time and make sure you don’t get caught with rubber gloves on!
2. Use dust wipes! Oh how I adore the ease of a quick dash through the house dusting lamps, frames, edges of the floor… everything! Take a few minutes to wipe away visible dust with Clorox® Triple Action Dust Wipes.
3. I own one of those awesome robotic vacuums and I couldn’t love it more! While I’m prepping during the day, I let it clean the floors! Clean floors without doing anything!
4. Before you wash any large pots or trays used for cooking, do a quick walkthrough to gather dirty cups or dishes. Then wash everything at once.
5. Unload the dishwasher and keep it unloaded! Such a relief after the party is over to have an empty dishwasher!
6. Use products that save you time! Clorox® Scrub Singles are already loaded with cleaner that is good for countertops, stovetops, microwaves, sinks, etc. I love these because you can toss after use!
7. Refill toilet paper, close shower curtains and shake out rugs in the guest bathroom.
8. Living with a toddler, there will always be toys lying around our house. I keep a chic basket, that goes with my decor, under my console in the living room for fast clean up.
9. Quickly fluff pillows (so easy and makes such a difference!!), fold blankets and store away shoes!
10. I save paper bags from the store (love the ones with the handles!), then when I’m running through prepping for guests and cleaning, I’ll use them to organize trash. One is for recycling and the other for regular trash. I carry them with me through the house and toss any unwanted clutter, random plastic toys, paper piles, disposable cleaning products I’m using and paper towels from cleaning. I then run those bags and the bathroom and kitchen trash to the outside garbage.

And you’re done! You have a tidy house that’s clean and in just about 20 minutes! Now you can get ready for your party : )

This post is sponsored by Clorox—helping you clean on the go for a happier home.

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One response to 10 Quick Tips for Cleaning Before a Party!

  1. December 10, 2015

    It’s great to know some quick tips for cleaning, in case I don’t have much time to prepare the home for the coming guests. I clean my home almost everyday, so I know even if guest surprise me I will be prepared.

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