A Bunnyful Baby Shower


BabyShower_8BabyShower_10BabyShower_15BabyShower_17BabyShower_16BabyShower_2BabyShower_6BabyShower_13BabyShower_14BabyShower_4BabyShower_13 I always start with a theme for a party and then ideas blossom from there. For this charming baby shower we wanted the theme to work with both genders. Many of my friends are not finding out what gender of baby they’re having, which I could never do, but it’s exciting for them. So we chose a sweet bunny theme for the shower. Bunnies are so soft and adorable we knew it would work perfectly for a shower! Watch the video to see how we pulled this Bunnyful Baby Shower all together. Recipes below too!

Bunnyful Baby Shower Recipes

Bunny Carrot Cake

Yogurt Pops with Flowers


Cereal Bars

Video by Madcitizen

Styling by The Hostess Haven

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