Enamel Painted Wine Charms


enamel_painted_wine_charms_1enamel_painted_wine_charms_6enamel_painted_wine_charms_5enamel_painted_wine_charms_4enamel_painted_wine_charms_3enamel_painted_wine_charms_7enamel_painted_wine_charms_2enamel_painted_wine_charms_8 Our Wine Charm Tassels were so popular, we figured we’d give you all another charming DIY for creating wine charms! Using some charms and nail polish, you can create this cool enamel look in any color you want! I found the package of charms at Michaels Arts and Crafts in the Jewelry Aisle. The nail polish takes about 24 hours to dry completely, but it’s worth it! These enamel painted wine charms really add a fun touch to any party and also help prevent you drinking from your sick friend’s wine glass!

DIY Enamel Painted Wine Charms

Supplies: For the charms, check your local art store or you can find them here too: circles, squares. You’ll also need loops, and an assortment of nail polish colors.

Paint the nail polish on the charms. It works best if you let the nail polish drop onto the charm. It will actually stay in place near the edges because it’s thick and holds its shape.

Let the charms dry for 24 hours. They do not need a top coat of polish.

Add the loops to your enamel painted charms and enjoy!

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