Simple and Chic DIY Coasters


DIYCoasters_7DIYCoasters_6DIYCoasters_5DIYCoasters_3DIYCoasters_8It’s incredibly simple to make your own modern and chic DIY coasters! It’s also a great way to customize a coaster to go with your decor or party theme. We found this awesome gold-patterned decoupage paper by Martha Stewart Crafts at Michaels, as well as the ceramic tiles! First cut a small square from the paper, then cut a circle a little bigger than the tile. Add some decoupage glue to the tile in order to glue the sheet of paper down. Then wrap the edges around the tile and glue them to the back. Add a few layers of water-resistant decoupage glue to the top and sides, letting each layer dry in between. That’s it!!

Cross stitch decoupage paper here and the plaid gold paper here.

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