10 Grassless Backyards


nolawnyards1df552100284fa7144ba349cc146f73dIan McMaugh garden, Redfern NSWNoLawnBackYard_126444c928d6bfa2d11d94282244b5ec4Scan5.tifb419e5909dec5f3c19b05980ff9a15c3NoLawnBackyard_2Kameon - Andersonbe857834a35967642d4c768b993beb03We’ve been hard at work creating a water conservation-friendly, grassless backyard! When you live in a desert climate, it only makes sense to use as little water as possible for the landscape. Of course I would love endless acres of green grass, but it’s just not our reality here in Los Angeles. Luckily there are many beautiful plants, trees and flowers that require a low amount water! It’s actually possible to create a pretty and lush yard using little water, as you can see in these 10 grassless, no lawn backyard photos! How inspiring!

While exploring landscaping options, a friend mentioned applying for a credit from our local water company before we started our renovation. The grass had to be alive in order to apply for the credit. So I followed all of the steps, took an online quiz, filled out the paperwork, did all of my research of low watering plants, pulled out some old art school skills to draw a map and applied for our credit. There are definitely rules, but we qualified and removed 18 sprinklers in the backyard! The only water we will have will be coming from a drip system going along the drought-tolerant hedge trees along the wall. We’re getting a $2,000 credit back and we’ve been saving about $30 a month on water, which doesn’t seem like a lot, but it adds up and feels good to be doing a small part in saving water. We also only have 3 weeks left to complete the project to get our credit! It’s actually kind of nice to have a little push!

I couldn’t bare not having any green grass somewhere for Romeo to play on. So we chose an area that’s shaded by an oak tree to put artificial grass. I never thought I would like it, but after seeing it and doing research I think it’s going to look great! I’ll share the before and afters, the plants we used and tips when we’re done, but for now enjoy these beautiful grassless backyard photos!!

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