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roomforty_8 roomforty_7 roomforty_10roomforty_6 roomforty_5 roomforty_4 roomforty_3 roomforty_2 roomforty_1 InternationalDelight_SugarandCharm_41 InternationalDelight_SugarandCharm_15 roomforty_9 InternationalDelight_SugarandCharm_23A few weeks ago, we teamed up with InDelight to throw a fun mixer at The Fig House in Los Angeles. The event was catered by the one and only roomforty, who created an incredibly memorable menu that fit perfectly with our event! What I love about roomforty is that they create food that not only tastes divine and looks stunning, but they think outside the box to create dishes that are as much of an experience as they are tasty. When the parfaits of campfire s’mores were served, they came with a little glass topper and as soon as it was lifted, a waft of hickory smoke overtook our senses! Pure genius!

I wanted to share some of the photos and ideas they came up with because I think they’re inspiring for entertaining at home as well! The menu was colorful, super fresh, unique and of course absolutely delicious.

We had amazing mini-Philly cheesesteaks, squash blossoms with wild mushroom and celery root, and the greatest appetizer ever – baked potato nachos, which was creme fraiche and chives on top of a chorizo chip!! Really great idea for all of you entertainers!

And you know how crazy we all are for a gorgeous cheeseboard! This one exceeded my expectations with its plating beauty and taste! Assorted Spanish and French cheeses, pickled vegetables, poached fruit and artisan breads.

Instead of making individual cocktails for the event, I asked them to create 3 signature punches. Not only did Winston, the Beverage Director, make the most refreshing punches with ingredients like cucumber, watermelon, prickly pear, brüt and yellow marigold, but each punch was garnished with a floral ice ring! They were by far the best cocktail punches I’ve ever had and a huge hit at the party!

roomforty’s spread was truly an experience and I think we could all be inspired by such culinary artistry! And it’s not really pretentious food, it’s really just the right touches to wow guests without confusing them! See the pictures for some great ideas!

Photos by Madcitizen

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