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CharmingCampingEssentials_BoardEOSCamping_SugarandCharm_4EOSCamping_SugarandCharm_1EOSCamping_SugarandCharm_3Every year, as summer comes to an end, we love soaking up the last few weeks by hitting the mountains or a camping trip to El Capitan. We rent a cabin, cook over the fire, ride bikes, hike and enjoy being outdoors. I always pack a few charming camping essentials, like all of the ingredients to make delicious Moscow mules, a hobo apple pie maker (see the recipe here!), my EOS ultra moisturizing shave cream (that you can shave dry with!!) and a few other fun items that I use to make the trip fun and easy! The EOS shave cream and the dry shampoo are a MUST for camping!

Charming Camping Essentials
Ginger syrup – Makes a Moscow Mule even tastier!
Copper mug – Love this modern version of a copper mug.
Sleeping bag – A cozy sleeping bag that rolls up nicely.
Brass flashlight – Always pack a flashlight, and I love this one.
eos ultra moisturizing shave cream – Love this because I do a quick shave, dry and it’s moisturizing like lotion!
Enamelware – Anytime we camp I bring a set of enamelware and some disposable bamboo plates.
Kevin Murphy dry shampoo – Definitely don’t wash my hair as much when we’re camping, so I adore this dry shampoo for a quick refresh!
Coola – A wonderful organic SPF and this one is great too!
Happy camper shirt – Love this shirt for a good weekend camping trip.
Hobo pie maker – Makes a delicious apple pie over the fire. See the how-to here!
Hot chocolate on a stick – Obviously, hot chocolate is a must when telling stories around the campfire! These make it so easy too!

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2 responses to Charming Camping Essentials

  1. August 5, 2015

    Camping essentials for sure! That flashlight is gorgeous and practical!

    1. Eden
      August 13, 2015

      I know! I’m in love with it, haha!

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