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A Guide to Sake


SAC_Sake_Guide_v5SAC_Sake_TryThese_v1 Our favorite Japanese spirit, sake, is known for its powerful health benefits. From anti-aging to reducing allergies, it’s definitely a spirit to drink and learn more about! So, to help us all enjoy a little more sake, we’ve created a sake guide to learn more about it and suggested a few to try! Although we enjoy a few tiny cups at our favorite sushi restaurants, I would love to start enjoying some sake at home, switching up the evening glass of wine. It is an acquired taste and when it comes to the type of sake, I prefer the unfiltered cold sake over the filtered warm. It tastes better and is smoother when sipped. You can also use sake in cocktails and sorbets too. We’ve made make-ahead cocktails with it and the most delicious honeydew sorbet… really it’s so refreshing!!  Cheers!

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