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We stopped by the very colorful and absolutely delicious ICDC to chat with co-owner and pastry chef, Mariah Swan! They’re serving up 3 of our favorite things – ice cream, donuts and coffee! We wanted to know more about this charming dessert shop and how they make their yummy treats, so we went In the Mix and asked them a few questions.

1. What was the inspiration behind the shop?
We used to have a doughnut night once a week at BLD. It gained a loyal following and from that came the idea to open this shop.

2. How did you get your start with BLD?
I was drawn to BLD originally because of the doughnuts on their menu actually. I thought if they had those kind of sensibilities and a sense of humor about it, then it must be a great place to work.

3. What’s your process for coming up with new flavor combinations?
We like to do a mix between the familiar and unfamiliar. When people come in the shop, we want them to see things they recognize, but also things that they haven’t tried before. We start with things that we like and sometimes flavors are born out of what we have around the shop. We also try to incorporate local favorites into the flavors such as the S’moracha doughnut that’s a combination of s’mores and sriracha sauce. There’s also the LA rainbow sorbet that’s inspired by the tropical fruit stands around town.

4. Do you have any savory doughnuts?
We just introduced our first one, which is a caramel bacon pretzel doughnut. We actually took pretzel dough and did it in the shape of a doughnut and added the bacon and caramel. It looks like a doughnut but tastes like a pretzel!

5. What are some of your most popular flavors?
The buttermilk brown butter and salt & pepper caramel are probably the most popular doughnuts, and the mayan chocolate and coffee and doughnuts ice cream are popular too.

6. How important are the ingredients you use?
Very important. Whenever possible, we try to source local ingredients. We also use all natural sprinkles and we make all our own extracts, except vanilla. We do our own infusions and steep ingredients overnight.

7. What makes your doughnuts different than other shops?
We don’t use anything pre-made. We make everything in house and hand-cut all of our doughnuts. I think it’s what makes us unique and different. Our doughnuts taste different because of the work behind them.

8. Will you change your flavors with the seasons?
Yes, we’re waiting for the apples to come in. We’ll probably do an apple fritter. We did an apple pie doughnut for 4th of July that was really good. We’ll also probably do a chai ice cream.

9. What are some of your favorites?
I love the pistachio vanilla doughnut and also the chocolate almond with coffee caramel ice cream.

10. Do you have any gluten free options?
Yes, we usually have our 2 most popular flavors in gluten free and we also do doughnut holes. We use a separate fryer, separate tools, separate glazes, everything when making the gluten free options. Actually, some of our staff prefers the gluten free version! We found a really great flour mixture to use for them.

Photos by Mary Costa for Sugar and Charm

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