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Stop Motion Flower Designs with HP Sprout


HP_SugarandCharm_Post_2HP_SugarandCharm_Post_6HP_SugarandCharm_Post_5HP_SugarandCharm_Post_3HP_SugarandCharm_Post_1We’re beyond excited to show off our stop motion floral designs and show you how we did it. At Sugar and Charm, we’re constantly creating and looking for new ways to inspire charm in the daily life. When we were approached by HP to try out their all in one desktop, Sprout, we jumped at the chance to invite a new member to the team! Having this super easy to use tool at our hands, was like having another creative maker at S&C. It instantly sparked the idea for the stop motion floral designs!! Check out the video to see how we created these super charming stop motion videos using flowers. Hope this inspires you all to stay creative… and charming!

Find your Sprout here!

This post is in collaboration with HP Sprout

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One response to Stop Motion Flower Designs with HP Sprout

  1. Bob Schild
    March 23, 2016

    What app are you using on your Sprout to do the Stop Motion?

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