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SAC_Flight_Board_v2 A few months ago, I took a 13-hour direct flight to visit Zurich, Switzerland. I was there for 72 hours and it was such a wonderful experience! You can see more about that trip here! I highly recommend going if you love to travel! Since the time was fairly short (ha!), I packed a small carry-on spinner suitcase and a tote bag for my travel essentials. And with all of the traveling soon happening for the holidays, I wanted to share a few travel essential items I love for a smooth travel experience. See more below!

1. Spinner Suitcase: These are great because they’re easy to use, spin all directions and lightweight.

2. I always carry a tote bag with me to fit all of my travel essentials.

3. Adore this cozy cashmere sleep set!

4. Warm socks! We can’t control the temperature on the plane, so I carry warm socks with me in case it gets cold!

5. Headphones are a must!

6. I love Clean Well sanitizer spray, because it’s small, natural and smells good.

7. Of course I don’t travel without my MacBook Pro! A 13-hour flight is a great way to focus on all the work you’ve been procrastinating on, haha! Usually for me if there’s no wifi, I’m editing photos!

8. Plane food, eh. I like to pack a few of my own protein snacks. Even if grabbing a bar or some nuts at the airport.

9. Essential oils are great way to relax on a plane. The bottles are small enough to take too!

This post is in collaboration with Zurich Tourism… travel there, it truly is amazing!!

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