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Charming Friday Links: Super Bowl Sunday


GameDayPretzels_3StoweVermont_2It’s almost time to entertain for Super Bowl Sunday, February 7th! I know most of us are probably not screaming, diehard fans, but I am a fan of football food, commercials and getting together with friends! So let the games begin… but not without these links first. Cheers!!

Kind of crazy, but the first super bowl took place in Los Angeles in 1967! You can read more about the history here. And big news for LA, the Rams are coming back to Southern Cali and building a stadium in Los Angeles! Wow, we’ll have a football team!!

Of course it’s not a party without chicken wings!! This recipe looks divine!

Ultimate Super Bowl Party Guide from Bon Appetit!

Here’s some advice on throwing upscale game day party!

Did you know Klondike bars and beer go well together? HAHA! They do… see here!

You can also make ultimate bloody marys for game day too! We all love those!

Adore this idea of a game day sandwich bar!! Genius! Or if that’s too simple (which I like) this is hilarious… I have no idea where this came from, but it’s too good not to share, haha!!

If you only watch for the commercials (ahem) then here’s a roundup of the top 10 of all TIME!

Our easy game day pretzels are delicious too!

And I think candid bacon would be a huge hit!

The Beeroness has pretty darn good recipes all with BEER! Try this porter caramelized onion dip  for the perfect Super Bowl appetizer, yum!

Although not pertaining to most of us, but If anyone lives in New England, you should go and buy this beer because it’s the best beer ever!!!

Julie’s take on a commercial and cocktail party, haha! Love this idea!

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  1. February 3, 2016

    Yum! Oh my goodness, what I wouldn’t do for one of those pretzels right now.

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