DIY Marshmallow Roasting Sticks


Hey there, it’s Mariah from Everything Golden here to share an evening of fun by the fire. Here in Montana, summer’s end is approaching way too fast. When summer is over here, it’s no joke, we’re in for a long hard winter. So, we’re making sure to fully enjoy these longer summer nights. I’ve made some marshmallow roasting sticks using found driftwood from the river. This project is super simple and gives the satisfaction of creating something natural and useful. Here is how you make the sticks…

Found driftwood
Metal skewers
Leather cord
Wire cutters

1. Cut the handle off the skewer with wire cutters.
2. Drill a hole (1-2 inches) in the top of the stick using the same size drill bit as the skewer.
3. Add some super glue to the end of the skewer and fit in the hole.
4. Drill another hole at the base, wide enough to thread the leather cord, tie the leather cord and you’re done!

We also wanted to get a little creative with the s’mores so we tried some extra fixings like salt, crushed chili peppers (a big hit with my husband), candied ginger and coconut flakes as well as Italian waffle cookies instead of graham crackers. It was a hit!!

Photos and styling by Mariah of Everything Golden

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