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Charming Friday Links: Love is in the Air!


LoveIsinTheAir_1LoveisintheAirBalloons Valentine’s weekend is here and love is in the air! Although we’re not into typical Valentine’s Day decor and overly-priced restaurant menus, we do like the simple touches that make it special. I plan on whipping up a cute Valentine’s Day breakfast for Romeo, these cookies for Zan and giving Romeo a giant “love is in the air” balloon to play with at our park picnic. That’s as much as we do for V-Day, which doesn’t stray too far from any other normal weekend! However, we did pull some gorgeous Charming Friday links of inspiration for those of you who love to celebrate Valentine’s Day! See below and have a lovely weekend!

For fun, this is the most gorgeous inspiration for a wonderful Valentine’s Day at home!

If you’re going to buy chocolates, they might as well be beautiful like these!

This is a delicious smoothie recipe for V-Day morning!

I’m OBSESSED with anything lavender! I use the oil everyday in my defuser before bed… I really can’t get enough. These DIY lavender infused caramels seem right down my alley!

Here’s a brief history lesson of Cupid and his crazy story!

This is still our most popular Valentine’s Day printable!!

Maybe I’ll make myself some of these DIY romantic floral bath salts! Zan’s not going to get his DIY on, so I’ll do it!!

If breakfast in bed is your thing… check out this beautiful inspiration!

This year, we gave these hilariously, adorable Valentines to Romeo’s class with a mini-Twix bar attached. But if candy is not your thing, here are 14 candy free Valentine ideas for kids!

A gorgeous and very festive cocktail for Valentine’s Day!

Adore these printable vintage floral Valentine’s Day cards! They’re gorgeous!

If someone wants to make me these, I’ll be very happy!!

Love these chic DIY heart friendship bracelets.

If it’s chilly where you live, make some of these homemade blood orange marshmallows and a large cup of hot cocoa!!

And last but not least, here are 7 budget-friendly, romantic ideas for Valentine’s Day!

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