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11 ways to use Lemon Essential Oil


If there is one essential oil I use the most, it’s lemon essential oil!! Everyone should keep a bottle of it around! There are SO many uses for it, from relieving stress to diluting a few drops in water for health or even removing odors. It’s also great to get the toughest, stickiest stains out!! I’ve even used a drop in my favorite lemon bar recipe. I carry a bottle around to use as a disinfectant or for well-being, I put few drops on myself to lift my mood! It works miracles! Here are two brands I like – Plant Therapy and DoTerra Lemon Oil. Check out our board for 11 great ways to use lemon essential oil!

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One response to 11 ways to use Lemon Essential Oil

  1. May 1, 2016

    I love lemon oil, I use it so many different ways – all listed here! x

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