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Building a studio on our property or renting/buying a work space off site has been the most discussed topic in our house this past year. We’ve gone back and forth several times, trying to make the smartest decision financially for us now and the future. Sometimes I really don’t like making these adult decisions… mom, dad… help! But after getting sound advice from several people, we’re finally committed to building the studio on the property. To make sure the structure adds value to the property, we’re making it work as a guest house too. That way, when we sell, it can be used for that purpose. I’m also very excited to have a special place for guests!

I’ve been dreaming of a modern, farmhouse with large doors and a lot of natural light beaming through. I want to have finished concrete floors, light, natural wooden shelves, high ceilings and I’m loving that green kitchenette!! Personally, I like the barn door a little off center like the square photo above, but Zan really likes everything symmetrical. I’m a little more modern than he is, haha!

I gave these photos to our architect for inspiration and since I’m documenting the process, I figured I’d share them here!! We should have our first phase plans for it soon and I can’t wait!

Photo credit: 1 unknown, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 unknown

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