Charming Baby Gift Ideas!


SAC_BabyGifts_v2 Is there a baby boom happening right now?! I feel like I know SO many people who are expecting this year. Both my sister and my sweet friend are just a few months apart, both due with their first little babes! Of course, I love to buy items off a registry for close friends and family, but I also love to buy these uniquely charming gifts too! From monogrammed sweaters, to the sweetest Walnut Animal Society friend, or my favorite wooden teethers! These items make great gifts after the baby is born too! Hopefully these charming baby gift ideas help you find the perfect gift for anyone you know having a baby!

Charming Baby Gift Ideas
1. Beauty Counter Welcome Set – This set comes with 3 nursing baby bath products all wrapped up in a charming box. The products are wonderful and gentle.

2. Natti Natti Organic Cotton Blanket – This blanket is made with super soft, thick cotton and has the most charming palm design that’s screen printed on the top!

3. Avalon Hermes Cashmere Blanket – This cashmere blanket is definitely not cheap, but depending on what you want to spend, it’s one a baby can grow with and have forever. It’s pure cashmere and the design is classic.

4.  Hermes Baby Booties – Although they only wear little booties a few times, these Petits Felins Pif booties are perfect for picture day and as a keepsake! Little cotton booties with the sweetest design.

5. Mark and Graham Solid Hand Knit Monogrammed Sweater – Is there anything cuter than a monogrammed sweater on a sweet baby?! These are handmade in the USA and take about 6 weeks to ship, so order early!! I guarantee you any mama would love this sweater!

6. Oeuf Bunny Grey Hoodie – All babies look cute in animal hoodies!! This one is the perfect gift for any baby who will be around 4 months old during the colder season. It’s such a charming little sweater!

7. Oeuf Vegetable and Fruit Pillows – Adoring these charming pillows for a nursery! The apple, banana and broccoli pillows are my favorite! They’re much bigger than they appear in the photo too!

8. Walnut Animal Society – By far one of my favorite gifts to buy for my friends who just had babies. These dolls are so chic and lovely in person!! They’re handmade in LA and stand 2 feet tall! They’re so well made and make such a lovely gift for a baby to keep forever.

9. Lexy Pexy Wooden Teether – A nontoxic wooden teether in the shape of a delicious croissant!!

10. Pearly White Metal Car – This car is classic and looks so chic in any nursery! It’s a fun toy to ride, but is also fab as decor. We bought this for Romeo and still have it years later!

11. Eames Elephant Stool – Absolutely love this adorable stool for a baby room! Elephants are always a fave and this is such a sweet addition to a nursery! Also, the stool is something to keep forever.

12. Kiehl’s Baby Products – Kiehl’s is definitely one of my favorite products for me and for baby! They’re made with Shea Butter, Apricot Kernel Oil and Olive Fruit Oil and they’re non-toxic, paraben-free and fragrance-free. The texture of ALL of the products is SO good!! I love to introduce friends to Kiehl’s!

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  1. June 2, 2016

    Kiehl baby products are incredible! I’ve been getting them for my friends for a while now and they become believers too! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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