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Boden_MSL_SugarandCharm_15SugarandCharm_10I’m honored to join a very creative and inspiring group of hardworking mamas running their own businesses and raising adorable littles in a fun parenting series is called Real Talk with Real Moms. I get to open up in an area I don’t often write about. To be honest, writing isn’t my forté, I like to design and create, but if it inspires other working mamas I’m down! You can also read different perspectives from each mom on the topics and learn some great parenting tips and tricks!

We’re writing about co-parenting today and the different roles each parent has in the house. Co-parenting is usually when two parents split the role of raising a child after they’re separated or divorced, but for us, co-parenting means sharing the role of parenting 50/50 as a couple. Most of you know that Zan runs his own video production business, Madcitizen and of course I’m constantly working on Sugar and Charm too. This by far is our most challenging aspect of parenting, trying to balance work and being full-time parents to Romeo. Everyone said parenting gets easier with age but I fully disagree with that! Romeo’s now 4 and I feel like it’s almost harder now than when he was a baby. He’s aware if we’re working all the time and like any kid, he wants your full attention 24/7! It can be incredibly difficult to juggle work with a toddler running around and tugging on your leg! It’s easy to get frustrated from lack of focus and it doesn’t help that we’re both working from the house right now as the studio is being built. It’s imperative that we work together and fully share parenting responsibilities to make sure he’s being raised the way we want him to be and by both of us equally.

Aside from daily duties to keep the little guy up and running (literally running!), co-parenting also involves encouraging the relationship between each parent and the child. Since Romeo was an infant, I’ve encouraged Zan to be as much a part of his infancy as I was. I also nurtured and supported their relationship and watched as their bond between father and son flourished. Romeo is absolutely crazy about his dad! Their relationship is strong, actually one of the strongest relationships between a dad a 4 year old boy I have witnessed. There area a lot of mama’s boys out there and I’m happy to say mine is not one of them… yes I’m happy about that! I’m happy Zan can take Romeo to the bathroom, pick him up from school, put him to bed, play with him, make his breakfast, lunch and do everything a “mom” does. I knew that we would need to create a tight relationship between all of us in order for us to co-parent Romeo and so far it seems to work… don’t get me wrong, we can definitely work on our communication skills still! And when the studio is built, we’ll work on a good work schedule that suits both of us.
It’s all about consistency and communication between both parents and the child. We strive for that daily and if one day goes to “poop” (pun intended!)… we always have tomorrow. That’s the best thing about parenting! You can learn from your mistakes each day and try something new the next day.

Read what these fabulous mamas have to say about co-parenting and what works for them! Jen, Sarah, Catherine, Alexandra, Hilary, Amy, Rebecca and Caitlin.

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4 responses to Real Talk with Real Moms: Co-Parenting

  1. May 30, 2016

    Love it Eden! It sounds like you and Zan have a good thing going.

    1. Eden
      May 31, 2016

      Ha!! Thanks girl… you like how I have ZERO photos of the 3 of us together. Going to work on that this year, lol! XOXO

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