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Don’t Forget these 11 Chic Beach Essentials!


BeachEssentialsSAC_BeachEssent_Board_v2 Before you hit the surf and sand this summer, check out these 11 chic beach essentials to help make your beach trip smoother and a little more charming! For us, we practically live at the beach during the summer, but I will say that I couldn’t last more than a few hours without an umbrella and chair! I really don’t love laying out in the sun, so having a shaded area to escape too is key for spending hours at the beach. We also bring a cooler with food and drinks and fun activities to play too!

1. The Talulah St. Tropez Beach Umbrella is my favorite new beach buy this year! The minute I dug that thing into the sand people were complimenting it! It’s SO charming!

2. Sunnylife Badminton Set is a fun beach activity. We also bring frisbees and of course, tons of sand toys too!

3. Palisades Chairs are so chic and the perfect size to carry to the beach!! I have mine on back order and can’t wait to get them for next year!

4. This Gold Swell Water Bottle is a must for a long beach day!

5. Bobbie Brown Beach Oil is great for after the beach. The sand can make my skin so dry, so I love to use it right after our fun in the sun!

6. These wooden Hess Headplane boards are super cool! Although I’m not a surfer, I really like the thought of just having fun with this. I think I’d use it as a body board though!!

7. A small wine and cheese basket that’s easy to tote to the beach!

8. A Sunnylife waterproof radio is great for some light tunes. Just make sure there aren’t people too close to you! This is good for a private beach.

9. This Kind & Good Round Beach Towel is also one of my favorite chic beach essentials this year! It’s bigger than regular beach towels, so you can spread out more and it looks so cute!

10. Flight 001 Beachwear Bag is perfect for sandy clothes. It keeps the water and sand out, and let me tell you how sandy Romeo gets after a day at the beach!

11. Coola Organic Beach Sunscreen is one of my favorite SPF brands. It smells so good and works really well. I love both the spray and the lotion!

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2 responses to Don’t Forget these 11 Chic Beach Essentials!

  1. July 29, 2016

    I love, love, love those chairs and have been dreaming about them for months. You’re tempting me!

    1. Eden
      August 1, 2016

      Hahah!! ME too!!! They’re not available until Sep, but I think I’m going to buy them for next year!!!

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