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Fruit Picking at Underwood Family Farms


UnderwoodFamilyFarms_4UnderwoodFamilyFarms_5UnderwoodFamilyFarms_10UnderwoodFamilyFarms_7UnderwoodFamilyFarms_6UnderwoodFamilyFarms_8UnderwoodFamilyFarms_9UnderwoodFamilyFarms_2 On Sunday we took a family trip to Underwood Family Farms for some good old-fashioned fruit picking! The goal was to pick peaches, but unfortunately they didn’t have any! So now I’m on the hunt for a u-pick peach farm if anyone knows of a good one in the LA area, please send it over! We did have the best time picking berries and other fresh fruits and vegetables. We’ve taken Romeo to Underwood Farms several times, but this visit was extra special because he’s older and had so much enthusiasm for picking the perfect-looking fruit! And it was much different for me because I couldn’t bend down to pick the fruit on the ground, haha! This mama’s belly is growing quickly so I was happy to have Romeo grab the good ones below for me! It was super fun showing him how to properly pull a raspberry off the vine and how to choose a beautifully-colored, ripe tomato while sharing a few juicy strawberries right off the plant! Picking fruit this time of year is magical! It’s getting me excited for our annual fall apple-picking trip and ready for all of the delicious baking that’s going to happen!! Check out your local farms or fruit picking orchards for a fun family activity!

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2 responses to Fruit Picking at Underwood Family Farms

  1. August 17, 2016

    Ohhh it looks absolutely beautiful! Freshly picked berries are the best! Not too long ago, I was blueberry picking up on a hill with a gorgeous view over the city. And next to my parents house they have raspberries and blackberries – guess who visited them hahaa.

    1. Eden
      August 18, 2016

      That sounds fantastic!! There is something so rewarding and relaxing about picking fruit and berries!! And of course thinking of delicious recipes to make too!

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