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best_of_soho_house_17 best_of_soho_house_19Copyright_SohoHouseIstanbul_best_of_soho_house_3 best_of_soho_house_16 best_of_soho_house_15 best_of_soho_house_14 best_of_soho_house_13 best_of_soho_house_12 best_of_soho_house_11 best_of_soho_house_18best_of_soho_house_10 best_of_soho_house_9 best_of_soho_house_8
©gesischilling-best_of_soho_house_1best_of_soho_house_7 best_of_soho_house_6  best_of_soho_house_5 best_of_soho_house_4 best_of_soho_house_2Are you ready for a major splash of decor charm?! We happily pulled together the best of Soho House decor for your perusing pleasure and inspiration. Soho House has been one of my favorite, go-to design and home decor resources since I found out about it many years ago. Their book Eat, Drink, Nap is one of the best hospitality books ever and I leave it on my coffee table and thumb through it often. Soho House is pretty much a members only club for creative people and they have several locations all over the world. You can see them all here, but be warned that you might spend hours looking through every single one. They’re clubs you can hang out in, take meetings, work, relax, eat in one of their picture-perfect restaurants, etc. But, there’s also a hotel side of it too. I’ve only had the privilege of visiting the one here in West Hollywood and I can attest, it’s nothing short of amazing! Every single property from the English countryside Soho Farm House, to the new Little Malibu Beach House is designed to perfection! I love that they’re all beautifully and classically designed with the right amount of color and elegance. They can go from modern to charming, vintage to old world and use patterned tiles and color palettes like I’ve never seen before! Geez, they do color well! AND what I like most is that they’re not the typical, trendy designs we see all over the blog interior design world… they set their own rules and dang, they’re good at it.

A few things I’ve noticed after stalking each property online for years… They incorporate a lot of gallery walls, which I love. They also almost always have either 2 chairs, a bench or a bathtub at the bottom end of a bed. They can mix so many colors in one room and still make it look so good! Chic and beautifully-designed wallpaper is used throughout all of the properties too. They also blend in a plethora of turquoise and greens… my favorite colors. And I’ve noticed the yellow accent chairs and couches, which I adore.

Hope you guys are as inspired as I am! If you do a Pinterest and Google search for Soho House, you’ll find so much amazing inspiration!! I’m taking a lot of notes and getting very excited to redo our house in the next year or two!

Photos: First photo via The Everygirl, all other photos via SohoHouse

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2 responses to Best of Soho House Decor

  1. September 7, 2016

    These images are stunning, thanks for sharing!


    1. Eden
      September 7, 2016

      You are so welcome!!! I literally can google search Soho House for hours, hahah!!! SO MUCH design inspiration!!!

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