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A Santa Barbara Harbor Family Photo Session


eden-passante-family-pictures-8eden-passante-family-pictures-4eden-passante-family-pictures-5eden-passante-family-pictures-7eden-passante-family-pictures-10eden-passante-family-pictures-9eden-passante-family-pictures-2eden-passante-family-pictures-3eden-passante-family-pictures-6I know our lives are about to drastically change as we prepare for baby boy number two. Time really flies because, believe it or not, we have actually never had professional family photos taken of us besides Romeo’s newborn pictures. So, I really wanted to have someone capture us as the family we’ve been the last 4.5 years, the three of us. Better late than never, I suppose! I know when baby boy number 2 is here, our family will feel complete and I’m so excited for that. But I also get emotional thinking about how much it will change and I’m so grateful for the more than 4 years we got to spend with just the three of us. I cannot love that child anymore!! I’m so overjoyed to have these pictures to look back on and remember this time in our lives.

I reached out to Arna, who is incredibly talented and I just love her style to shoot these photos for us. She even captured some of these on film too, which I absolutely adore. We met at the Santa Barbara Harbor during sunset and the lighting could not have been more perfect! Those colors!! Arna has a very gentle presence and touch and knew exactly how to work with Romeo to get those beautiful snaps. She was not even phased by the fact that he asked, “Are we done yet?” 50 times!! We’re all so happy with how they turned out.

Photos by Arna Bee Photography 

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6 responses to A Santa Barbara Harbor Family Photo Session

  1. Gina
    September 27, 2016

    Beautiful photos of you and your family! Such a happy and loving family! You look stunning, Eden!

    1. Eden
      September 27, 2016

      Gina!! You are too sweet! Thank you so much, I feel giant in these pictures, but all for a good reason, haha!! So happy to have family pics, can’t believe we waited 4 years!!!

  2. sharon
    September 27, 2016

    aw, so nice! your little boy has grown up so much!!! the photos are great!! you look so pretty!! we had my uncle’s memorial in the museum there at the harbor in the early spring. it’s so beautiful there. good luck with that new little one!

  3. Kimberley Graber
    September 28, 2016

    Such beautiful pictures, Eden! I am so happy that you guys got to capture such great memories! 🙂

    1. Eden
      September 28, 2016

      Thanks Kimberley!!! I’m happy we did it too!! My goal is to do more next year and not let 4 years go by, ahah!!!

  4. Kimyee
    September 29, 2016

    E, you guy are the cutest! So much love and joy in these photos. <3 Congratulations to you and yours. xo

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