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A Delicious Chocolate Fondue Platter


Let’s go back to 1985 when I think someone probably handed me a chocolate-dipped marshmallow when I was born, because I’ve been hooked on chocolate fondue since BIRTH! Of course, we all know fruit is darn good dipped in chocolate, but to make a chocolate fondue platter stand out even more, think of unique and fun items you can add to it. We created this one for KitchenAid’s blog and added donuts, toasted waffles and churros to give it a fun twist!! The options are endless. Head on over to their site, Kitchenthusiast, for the recipe and tips on using their Precise Heating Bowl, which I LOVE by the way!

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2 responses to A Delicious Chocolate Fondue Platter

  1. October 28, 2016

    This looks like the BEST chocolate fondue ever! Drooling over here!

    1. Eden
      October 28, 2016

      Thanks Alida!!!!

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