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Customizing Cabinet Color


choosing_a_cabinet_color_masterbrand_5choosing_a_cabinet_color_masterbrand_2SAC_CabinetColor_Board_v1choosing_a_cabinet_color_masterbrand_4choosing_a_cabinet_color_masterbrand_3choosing_a_cabinet_color_masterbrand_1choosing_a_cabinet_color_masterbrand_6We have been knee deep in architectural plans, permits and everything else that goes along with remodeling a house. I will have an update on all of that soon, but one thing that has me giddy is designing a kitchen!! I barely scratched the surface with our first house, gutting a kitchen and remodeling it on a very small budget. It turned out cute, but there were a lot of things I would do differently. This time around, I’m paying close attention to the details, starting with the cabinets. I luckily got to do something I’ve never done before and created my very own signature cabinet color with MasterBrand’s Omega Cabinetry! It was so fun dreaming up any color or stain I wanted to test on three cabinet door styles and see them come to life. It was a blast!

First I thought about different trends this year, which lead me toward nature and earth tones. I was drawn to a natural, green clay color that’s neutral enough, but still features some color. I then went on an inspiration pinning spree and made a folder, pinning anything that inspired me in that tone, from nature to tiles to shades of natural clay.

Once I envisioned the color I wanted, I pulled together my inspiration and sent it to Omega’s finish experts, who made my color choice a reality! They sent me a sample for approval, which was stunning. I named it Natural Mint… it seemed fitting!

After that, I chose three different cabinet doors to test my signature color on. They shipped me all three doors, which you can see in the pics!!

This process made customizing a cabinet color worry-free and I enjoyed being able to design my own cabinet look! How cool is that?! I chose the Puritan, Metro and Adagio cabinet styles. Funny because the Puritan is a modern version of what’s in our 1930’s bungalow now! I will go with this style of cabinet for the remodel to keep some of the charm in the kitchen.

This post was created in partnership with Masterbrand, all opinions are my own.   

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