2017 Oscar Ballot Printable


If you’re looking for the current 2019 Oscar Ballot, download it here!

Back by popular demand, our charming 2017 Oscar Ballot Printable is ready for you! The Oscars, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel will air Sunday, February 26th and we’re so excited to fill out these Oscar ballots and see who takes home the golden statues! This marks the 89th anniversary of the Academy Awards and boy is it nostalgic! Every year, we look forward to gathering around the TV to watch the magic unfold. And there are definitely some beautiful films nominated this year too. I loved watching La La Land and can relate to some of it living in Los Angeles for the past 13 years! And I thought Jackie was very captivating. There was something sweet and sincere about the priest in the movie, played by John Hurt, who sadly past away this year. One of his quotes in particular in the movie warmed my heart. He said, “I have lived a blessed life. And yet, every night, when I climb into bed, turn off the lights, and stare into the dark, I wonder… is this all there is? But then, when morning comes, we all wake up and make a pot of coffee. You did this morning. You will again tomorrow. But, God in his infinite wisdom has made sure it is just enough for us.” So good!

If you’re hosting an Oscar party this year, here are a few fun party ideas and 3 delicious appetizer ideas! And of course, most importantly, don’t forget to download and print your 2017 Oscar ballot!! See below and stay charming!


2017_oscar_ballot_printable_sugarandcharm_4 Click here to download and print!

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13 responses to 2017 Oscar Ballot Printable

  1. Isabel Bevilaqua
    February 10, 2017

    Thank u!

    1. Eden
      February 10, 2017

      You’re welcome!!

  2. Elisabeth
    February 22, 2017

    Thank you! Will there be oscar confetti for this year as well? It was a hit for me last year!

    1. Eden
      February 22, 2017

      Hi! Yes, going to put it up tomorrow!!

  3. February 26, 2017

    This is so fantastic!! I love it!!


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