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We Bought an Airstream to Renovate!


As if we needed another project on top of renovating our entire house and property, but lo and behold… we bought an Airstream!! Hasty decision maybe, but it’s ours now so let’s just roll with it, ha! I’ve always really loved Airstreams for their charm and when we came across a vintage 1959 Land Yacht, we fell in love with it. We got it as a place for our guests to stay, for us to escape to when we tear our house apart, a place to relax and work, and eventually a travel space to park by the water. It’s also a cool spot for the boys to hang out or maybe we’ll toss them out there when they’re older so guests can stay inside! I’ve been obsessed with cozy and unique Airstream hotels like this one for quite sometime, so I figured we could just recreate it in our backyard! I wanted to share the before pictures here so you can see the transformation. We’re really just diving into the Airstream world and have a lot to discover about this trailer thing…so this is a total learning curve for us… ahem Zan.

The interior of the Airstream was almost all original from 1959 and in excellent shape! The outside is also in pristine condition and that shiny, curvaceous aluminum looks like a piece of art! Our goal is to renovate and modernize the trailer, but still keep a lot of the original charm. We’re keeping the exact layout, the original cabinets and hardware from 1959. But we’re adding a built-in seating area and dining table (aka dinette) where the couch is and of course, removing some old shelves, curtains, etc.

We’re having a custom door made for the bathroom, replacing the original, barely private curtain!

We’ve given it a fresh coat (or 3!) of white paint. Zan worked hard painting it, I guess it’s a little different than painting a house! But it looks stellar! Sharing that in a later post. I can’t decide if I should keep that little bedroom wall shelf thing… it’s original and kind of retro.

Unfortunately we had to get rid of the original fridge which was in incredible condition, but ran off of propane. It wasn’t working and parts were hard to find. It was also extremely heavy! We’ll have to rework the cabinets there to fit the new fridge, which is extra light and electric. They had to take the cabinets apart to fit the old fridge out the door!! Here’s the new fridge we bought. It’s retro, clean, white and light, which is good for the trailer when traveling.

So that’s it! We’ve started the Airstream renovation process already and hopefully we’ll have it done in a month or so. Looking forward to having a charming, little area for our guests to stay!

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3 responses to We Bought an Airstream to Renovate!

  1. February 15, 2017

    This sounds like SUCH a fun project! I love that it can function as a cozy guest “house” at your home or travel with you on family adventures. I can’t wait to follow along and see how you renovate it!

    xx Allison

  2. chris owen
    March 6, 2017

    cannot believe your luck in getting the Airstream, it looks in mint condition. I’m so jealous, but it’s so perfect for you all!

  3. Tracy
    June 2, 2017

    Please add me to your email

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