Charming Flatware Sets


1. Modern Polished Noir 2. Fortessa Arezzo Black  3. Forged 4. Copper Top 

5. Couture Rose Gold 6. LEKOCH white and gold 7. Atelier Flatware

8. Harper Rose Gold 9. Allegra Soft Copper 

Not surprisingly, I’m totally addicted to flatware! I get more excited about flatware than shoes… is that even normal for a girl?! So, we’ve rounded up the charming flatware sets we just can’t get enough of! There are so many beautiful designs available and they’re all chic and add a classic touch to a table setting.

Adore this set of handcrafted, hammered brass flatware. Obviously not everyday use, but gorgeous for dinner parties and entertaining!

The simplicity of the Doma flatware is what attracts us. It’s made in Italy, stainless steel and dishwasher safe, which means it could be used for everyday!

These colorful, pastel teaspoons are not exactly a flatware set, but they’re SO charming we had to include them! Absolutely perfect for entertaining, especially when you serving ice cream!

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