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This year we are bringing some alternative dessert recipes to Sugar and Charm, as well as our traditional sweets. I think it’s so important in life to find a healthy balance when it comes to food and desserts. I love to bake and I really enjoy treats, but I don’t indulge in them every day. Instead, maybe I’ll have a glass of homemade chocolate almond milk (it tastes like a dessert!) or a dark chocolate coconut truffle. So I’m excited to feature Moon Juice on Sugar and Charm because I’m personally a fan and I like their concept. They are a plant-sourced alchemy wellness boutique (like a juice bar, but with unique twist) that has a variety of organically pressed juices, cold brew coffees, dusts and plant-driven food items.

You can drink these, nutrient packed juices alone and they all have their own benefits. They will also blend it up with a banana and a dust of your choice for a very tasty and healthy lunch.

We got the blue smoothie with blue spearlike, cocoa nibs, silver strawberry juice, sprinkled with asgwagahbdha and blended with 1/2 frozen banana. Really loved it!

They make delicious coffee drinks with added herbs and dusts in them. My favorite was the ices cold brew coffee with coconut, beauty dust and sprinkled with cinnamon and it was incredibly tasty.

The dusts are my favorite! I really love the branding of them as well. The dusts are alchemized to fuel each need. You can add them to coffee, tea or blend with a smoothie. I bought the Beauty Dust, Brain Dust and Dream Dust and have been enjoying them all. They also have a line of pantry staples and protein powders.

By the way, these are my favorite overalls!

Amanda Chantal Bacon, the founder of Moon Juice, wrote a cookbook called The Moon Juice Cookbook all about healthy living and shares 75 recipes of beverages and provisions. There are some healthy snacks and sweet treat recipes in there too!

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