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We’re in month 6 with Monroe and I’m ecstatic because I adore this stage! The smiles, belly laughs and abundance of coos and goos is just too cute! I also love that he’s sleeping through the night and going to bed at 6pm! Well, usually ; ) We do have a good schedule going on, thank goodness! I wanted to share some of my absolute must-have baby products over the past 6 months. Some of them I used with Romeo five years ago and many of them are brand new products that have hit the market in recent years.

  1. Kickee Pants are made of a stretchy, viscose and spandex which make them incredibly soft and cozy! We fell in love with the thin, flexible material, especially for hot summer days. I even brought Monroe home from the hospital in one!
  2. Since Monroe was born in November, my sister told me about Zutano booties for keeping his feet warm, because they don’t fall off like typical socks do! It’s the best design with a fold over and two snap buttons to keep those baby toes cozy! We love them!
  3. Magic Merlin Sleep Suit is a product I didn’t use with Romeo, but loved it with Monroe. It’s like a warm marshmallow suit (super fluffy!), that works for transitioning from a swaddle to arms-free. It helps to muffle their startle reflexes, while allowing their arms to be free. It was a great product and we used it for a few months, until he started to roll over and sleep on his belly.
  4. For the first month I swaddled Monroe in the hospital blankets he came home in. The nurses taught me a cool double swaddle technique that worked really well. When he outgrew that, I used this Miracle Blanket and can’t rave about it more! He slept SO well in it and I have even used it recently on rare occasions if he’s teething and needs extra comfort for a nap. It’s pretty amazing and my favorite swaddle so far.
  5. Parasol Co. makes the softest (truly they are!), most charming diapers on the market. They actually work too! I was super skeptical because all of the “healthy” diapers never worked for us with Romeo, but I was beyond surprised when we tried them and I became an instant fan. They have cute patterns on them too and they’re hypoallergenic, latex-free, chlorine-free and fragrance-free. Their wipes are also a fave too!
  6. Keekaroo Peanut Changer is the best diaper changing pad right now. It’s impermeable to fluids, slip-resistant and has a solid surface that wipes down very easily. We also have a cozy blanket on top to make sure it’s comfortable, but it’s nice to be able to wash the changing pad off if it gets dirty, without having to use extra covers. It’s the best!
  7. Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail is made with steel and has rubber seals to avoid any smells! It also takes any trash bag, which is wonderful. It’s been perfect for us! I love how sturdy it is and how it traps ALL odors. It’s great!
  8. Munchkin LATCH Bottles have quickly become my new favorite. I tried several bottles from Advent to Joovy and I like the Latch the best. It has good air flow, it stretches and moves and allows baby to have control over the milk flow. I personally think it’s one of the best bottles on the market right now.
  9. Boone Grass Drying Rack is something I ran out and bought as soon as we started using bottles! I had it with Romeo and loved it and enjoyed it just as much this time. It’s the perfect rack to air dry bottles, pacifiers, breast pump parts, etc. I use it every single day.
  10. Monte Design Rockwell Bassinet is the one I purchased for Monroe. We actually used it for 6 solid months before he completely outgrew it. Although it’s a little pricey, we really enjoyed it. I like the ease of rocking and the portability. You can just take the actual bassinet out and leave the base, making it easy to transfer his actual bed to hotels for the first 6 months! We took it to San Diego, Yosemite and Disneyland. You could even put it in the middle of a king bed, which we did several times. I liked the soft sides too. I still use it for him to play in as he’s learning to sit up now, but needs extra support. Also, for anyone who really cares about sleep those first few months, the brand new SNOO is supposed to be awesome. We didn’t have it, but many of my friends did and said they loved it. It’s not like any bassinet ever created and it actually rocks babies back to sleep. Now if someone can just come up with an automatic diaper changer!
  11. BABYBJORN Bouncer is light, compact and modern with a very free and natural bounce. It’s so easy to bounce, you can do it with just a light touch of your foot! We do feeding time and play time in it and I’m always carrying it around the house so he can sit, bounce and watch his brother play. It’s a must!!
  12. Ergobaby 360 All Carry Positions is such an amazing carrier! It’s light and incredibly easy to put on and take off, it’s like a backpack! It’s the most comfortable for my back and lower back support and I like that they’ve improved so much in the last 5 years with this design. I also have this BJORN carrier, but I really like the Ergo better because the ease of comfort of it. Although, when Monroe was a newborn, I never got into the carrying wraps, so I used this BJORN carrier and LOVED it! It was perfect for him since he was so light and tiny.
  13. UPPA Baby Vista 2017 is hands down my favorite stroller ever!! I have this exact one and the color is just stunning with leather detailing. This is actually my second time owning an Uppababy Vista since we also had one with Romeo and I can’t say enough good things about it. It’s stylish, but has all of the convinces you want as a parent. It’s SO easy to steer, adjust, add a seat, etc. and it has features like a large sunshade, major reclining, large basket, comes with a bassinet and so much more. We also use this roller board for Romeo which has been a dream!
  14. Milk Snob carseat and breastfeeding covers are awesome. Instead of using a blanket to cover a carseat, which eventually falls off and is just more bulky, this fits snug over the carseat!
  15.  There are two baby food companies I like that deliver fresh and organic baby food to your door! The combos are ones I would make myself at home if I had the time…  not ones you can find in a grocery store. I made most of Romeo’s baby food, but now that I have two it’s a little harder! So I’m very happy for companies like Little Spoon and Once Upon A Farm!
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