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10 Must Have Bar Tools


Making the perfect cocktail consists of having good bar tools on hand, so we came up with our 10 must have bar tools! The tools I’m constantly breaking out when making a delicious libation are… 1. syrup bottles for homemade syrups 2. mixing glass 3. a jigger for measuring 4. muddler to muddle fruit and herbs 5. Square ice cube trays 6. A separate strainer to strain for mixing cocktails in a mixing glass 7. A good cocktail shaker 8. Large round ice cubes for classic cocktails 9. A tall cocktail spoon for stirring 10. A wine and bottle opener. Of course, there are some fancy bar tools I like to use as well, but these are the essential and basic bar tools that every budding home mixologist or entertainer should have! They’re my personal favorites. What are some of your favorite bar tools?

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