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Charming Picks: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


I have a deep admiration for Nordstrom because it was my very first job in Los Angeles. I was 18 and applied at Nordstrom at The Grove, totally not even dressed professionally! I got a position at the cosmetic counter and worked there for 5 years! I also met my husband, Zan, while working at the Kiehl’s counter there… he came in as a customer! Anyway, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has been and still is by far my favorite sale of the entire year! It’s when they bring all of the new (yes NEW) fall items in and discount them for about 2 weeks before bringing it all back at regular price. It’s a great way to buy a few fall pieces that you can enjoy throughout the season, instead of waiting until the fall is over and they go on sale again. I chose a few of my favorite items from the sale that are great to wear while hosting some fabulous parties! Including a few beautiful coats and some entertaining items. Click on each item below to shop!

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