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Real Talk with Real Moms: Adult Time vs. Family Time


It’s been awhile since I’ve written about a topic for our Real Moms Group (see growing a family and co-parenting), but I thought this topic was interesting! We’re talking about Adult Time vs. Family Time and how we separate the two. I’ve always tried to find a balance of continuing some of my “adult, pre-kids” rituals (and Zan, his), which are things like travel with friends, dinners with girlfriends, attending fun events and of course, weekends away with Zan too. I feel like we have a pretty good Adult Time vs. Family Time routine down. The boys both go to bed pretty early (best thing you can do!!). Monroe goes down at 6pm and Romeo 6:30-7pm, so we have the evenings to do what we need or want. I honestly can’t imagine it any other way!

When it comes to travel, we adore traveling with our kids! It’s so rewarding to be able to experience new destinations, places, food and cultures with them. But we also really love traveling alone too and having a very relaxing weekend together, being fully recharged and then coming back to our kids, ready to once again take on the madness! I also try to travel with my friends, family and sisters too because nothing beats an all-girls weekend! I’ve also had the experience where I think I pushed my “adult” time too far and we took a two week cruise to Scandinavia, leaving the baby when he was around 6 moths old. I’ll be honest, I regretted that one a little and it was way harder than I thought it would be! I learned a lesson there and actually wouldn’t recommend that. I think I found my balance of 2 to 5 days without kids and I feel fine!

We pretty much spend most weekends with the kids, taking little day trips or just doing something fun around Los Angeles. We’ll do  really early dinners out, like 4pm, as a family so that way the kids can still have an early bedtime. Since Romeo turned 5 we let him stay up a little later on the weekends and we’ll do family movie night while Monroe sleeps. It’s nice for Romeo to spend some time with us without the distraction of his very cute baby brother!

Oh and you better believe I make time for the spa… oh yes I do! That’s my ultimate relaxation and adult time. Zan and I also switch off getting weekly massages. With the craziness that is life, running two businesses and raising two kids, I do feel good about the time we allow ourselves and the time we spend with our family. Thank goodness we have one thing down, ha!

And if you’re interested to see how other families and mamas manage Adult Time vs. Family Time check out The Effortless Chic, Design for Mankind, The Life Styled, The Refined Woman and A Daily Something!

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