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Cold Brew Coffee Floats


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We all know ice cream floats and how nostalgic they are, but have you ever had a cold brew coffee float?! This float is the adult version of the classic ice cream float you may have warm memories about, but with COFFEE! Coffee and ice cream make up one of my favorite flavor combinations and one I will never get tired of! I’m all about coffee milkshakes, affogatos, and now cold brew coffee floats! For these sweet treats, I used 2 large scoops of chocolate ice cream. I always have Dunkin’ Donuts cold brew in my fridge prepared and ready to drink. It’s the best cold brew, incredibly easy to make and of course, tastes delicious over chocolate ice cream! After pouring over the ice cream, I added just a dash of club soda to the mixture to give it a tiny fizz. It’s SO good and uses only 3 ingredients!

To make the chocolate rim, I melted milk chocolate morsels and then dipped the rim of each glass into the melted chocolate. I then placed them in the freezer and let the chocolate harden and the glass got extra cold for the coffee floats. Hope you enjoy!

Cold Brew Coffee Floats
  • 3 scoopschocolate coffee Ice cream (you can also use vanilla ice cream too!)
  • 6 ouncesDunkin’ Donuts Cold Brew Coffee
  • A splashof club soda
  • Meltedmilk chocolate chip morsels for the rim and to add to the top of the whipped cream
  1. Make Dunkin’ Donuts easy and delicious cold brew coffee by following the directions on the box.
  2. Melt ½ bag of milk chocolate morsels in a bowl in the microwave to dip the rims of the glasses in.
  3. Place each glass in the freezer until the chocolate hardens and the glass is chilled.
  4. Add in 3 scoops of chocolate ice cream and pour cold brew over the top.
  5. Add in a splash of club soda for a fizz and then drizzle chocolate sauce over it the float.
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