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A Charming Mama + Baby Box For New Moms


My brother and his wife are adding a baby girl to our family this summer and we couldn’t be happier! I’ve already sent her a fun list of must-have baby and mama items to buy and my favorite baby essentials. There’s nothing more exciting than preparing for a baby (except maybe having it arrive!).

I wanted to put together a special gift for Jen and her baby girl. For me, when I brought Monroe home, I created a more spa-like environment with oils, candles, comfortable bedding and robes. I really loved all of the organic, natural smelling sprays and lotions by my bedside, so I incorporated a few favorites from Mama Co. I also drank a lot of the Mother’s Milk herbal tea and water with electrolytes.

The first few months home with Monroe, I kept him in the softest, organic cotton footed onsies. He lived in them, swaddled in cotton blankets. I picked her up a few of the same. To add even more charm to the box, I had to buy her a SweeTooth teether! It’s in the shape of an ice cream cone and pretty much the cutest thing EVER! That, with a little Pumpkin Butt teething oil is perfect for teething babies!

The most important gift in the box is the introduction to ScholarShare 529. Most new parents are consumed with preparing for their new arrival, so they don’t think about saving for college! I wanted to give them a gift card to ScholarShare 529 and hopefully it will encourage them to set up her college fund sooner than later. Starting early is key when saving for college! It’s so easy too and takes only about 20 minutes. I think this is the best thing you can give to new parents!! I actually wish someone would have done it for us when Romeo was born because I didn’t set up his account until much later because I never knew about it.

Curating a baby box to give to expecting mom’s and parents is thoughtful and special. You can personalize it or add in important things like teethers and cream, but also things that will truly benefit the baby, like ScholarShare 529. I hope you’re inspired to keep it creative and charming for your next gift!!

Also, if you’re interested in learning more about saving for college for your children check out these posts!  HOW WE USE OUR SCHOLARSHARE 529 SAVINGS PLAN,

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