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A Visit to Dunrobin Castle in Scotland


Excited to share our experience at the beautiful Dunrobin Castle in Scotland!

Looking back on these pictures I am missing our time with Princess Cruises! We did the British Isles tour and it was fantastic! We made Irish Soda bread in Northern Ireland, mixed up cocktails at Palais Bénédictine, had afternoon tea at Signet Library and today I’m sharing our experience at the Dunrobin Castle in Scotland. It’s, by far, the most stunning castle I’ve seen. It actually looks like it’s straight out of a fairytale movie and it was truly breathtaking. The trip to the castle was an excursion that Princess Cruises provides. I highly recommend it!

We started the trip with a scenic country tour bus ride from the ship to Dunrobin Castle. Once we arrived, there was a young Scot playing traditional Scottish music for us on the bagpipes getting everyone into the Scottish spirit! The weather was crisp and there was a giant cozy fire warming the entryway. Also, the smell of freshly baked goods and homemade pea soup filled the castle air. The first room we saw was the dining room. Almost everything in this photo is original to the castle. It takes you back in time and really lets your imagination run.

This dining room is very traditional, but there is something cozy and charming about it, right?

Stunning fresh flower arrangements dressed up the entire castle! Every room, and even the hallway, had fresh flowers. If money was in abundance, one of my splurges would be flower deliveries for every room, every week, ha!

The Dunrobin castle is incredibly large and there are several rooms to see and tour, but the office and library were also two of my favorite areas of the castle. Again, very over the top, but there a lot of details to take in from a space like this. The animal rug with the head still attached is a bit much, but I guess that was the style then!

Always need a tray with crystal and Scotch. A MUST, especially when in Scotland!

The Ghost of Dunrobin Castle

Oh, if these castle walls could speak! Obviously with a castle this old, there are endless stories that lie within the walls of the beautiful castle. One specifically was about the seamstress’s room. We were thoroughly admiring the beauty of the costumes that adorn the room when a guide mentioned the myth of the tailor room ghost. Apparently one of the Dukes kept a woman in that room against her will and when she tried to escape, it didn’t end well. So the guide said the ghost hangs out in there and who knows, maybe she knits or sews with all of the cool tailoring items in there.

The view from the castle balcony is vast and gorgeous. You can see miles out on a clear day past the gardens to the water. It’s spectacular!

The Dunrobin Castle and Gardens

Once you walk down the grand stairs, you’re in the most magical gardens. It’s quiet, there’s only the sound of falling water and birds are chirping. It’s a peaceful walk and there’s a little surprise in every corner. From bocce ball and water fountains to gumdrop-shaped trees. It truly is a sight to see and was even more perfect in person.

There is also a cafe at the castle and the food was wonderful. I had  pea soup and pastries. Zan had a delicious fresh salmon salad with lemon mayo sandwich (like a tunafish sandwich, but they used salmon). He was raving about it. They also serve coffee and tea, as well as, sandwiches.

Dunrobin Castle has been home to the Earls and Dukes of Sutherland since the 13th century. Pretty impressive.

See more about the castle, scheduling a visit and getting there here. 

This post is sponsored by Princess Cruises.

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