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How to Create a Charming Home Cleaning Kit!


How to create a charming home cleaning kit! Give it as a house warming gift or keep it for yourself.

It’s definitely the Home Economics major in me, but I fully geek out over good cleaning products! I truly believe that a clean home brings happiness and peace to the soul. And having a charming home cleaning kit motivates me to clean. I know that when my house is clean I feel uplifted, so I like to share my love for awesome cleaning products with friends too. Here’s how you put together a charming home cleaning kit as a gift.

Creating a charming cleaning kit to give as a gift is special and something that a lot of people appreciate. It can be given as a house warming gift, baby shower present or even a birthday present, if the recipient likes cleaning products as much as I do! If it’s a bday gift, just make sure you do your research on your friend’s likes, so it doesn’t come off as you saying their home is a pigsty! This kit is also a great way to introduce friends and family to the world of natural, non-toxic cleaning.

We picked out some of our favorite products from Common Goods and one of my favorite multi-purpose cleaners from Puracy and filled a charming, fringe basket with beautiful supplies to clean with, as well as our favorite laundry items for the laundry room.

How to Create a Charming Cleaning Kit

Start with your favorite natural cleaning products. We chose Common Goods and Puracy for this basket. You’ll want to add a multi-purpose cleaner, bathroom cleaner, glass cleaner, dish soap, a linen spray, laundry detergent, wool dryer balls, floor cleaner, an essential oil to scent the dryer balls and Twisted sponges. and you can also add cleaning cloths like microfiber cloths and polishing cloths.

Start with a charming basket and fill it with fluff at the bottom. This one is from Target.

Fill the basket with the products you’ve chosen. I love this lavender dish soap and it comes in a charming glass jar. It smells so good!

Wool dryer balls are an essential part of my laundry routine! I add drops of lavender essential oil to them and they make our clothes smell incredible! You can save a lot of dryer sheets too. Such a great method to introduce to friends.

Cleaning can be cute too! I absolutely love these popsicle sponges and they actually clean inside wine glasses really well! It adds a charming, quirky touch to the basket. You can buy them here.

Linen water is also a product I like to introduce to my friends. The uses are versatile, since you can spray it on clothes to reduce wrinkles or to refresh bedding. I make my own mixture too and use it every night on my pillow.

Roll up a pretty hand towel for the final touch in the basket.

The basket will be full of eco-friendly clean, non-toxic, thoughtful products, gifted in a charming way. You can also add in our cleaning checklist! If you’d like to make your own products, see our DIY cleaning guide here.

Hope you’re all inspired to give the gift of cleaning!

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