Fun Cooking Activity – Take the Uuni Pizza Oven Anywhere!

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This summer we’ve been having a lot of fun with the Uuni wood-fired portable pizza maker so we thought we’d share it here! Who doesn’t love a good wood-fired pizza? Scroll through to read more!

Uuni pizza oven on a table outside

The oak flavor, perfect crispy edges… yum, it’s all just too good! We researched several different portable pizza ovens and chose the Uuni because it’s small and uses real oak pellets.

It also gets up to 932 degrees and cooks the pizza so quickly, like 2.5 minutes fast, which is the way wood-fired pizza should be. We were torn between the easier gas pizza oven and oak pellets style, but ultimately we wanted the wood-fired taste.

There’s also something about slowing things down when prepping sometimes. As a culture, we’ve become so accustomed to instant everything, it’s also nice to take your time while getting the oven heated up, drink a glass of wine, enjoy some conversation. It only takes about 10-15 minutes or so to get the oven over 800 degrees.

Uuni pizza oven and flowers and salad on a plate outside.

About the Uuni

Although this pizza maker has been a lot of fun, it’s not an easy entertaining item. It’s the process of making pizzas as you go, learning how to turn the pizza, and properly cook it and work the Uuni that’s fun and challenging.

It’s been hours of enjoyment for us though and feels like we’re bringing camping into our own backyard! Once you mess up a pizza or 2 (haha!), it’s super easy and will be the best homemade pizza you’ll ever make.

using a torch for the Uuni pizza
homemade pizza with pepperoni.

Quick Tip for Making Pizza with the Uuni

One tip, use a lot of cornmeal under the pizza dough so it will slide off the pizza peel easily into the oven. This was the trickiest part for us, but we figured out that it just needed a lot of flour and cornmeal under the pizza dough!

Basically you want to use a shaking action when you slide the pizza off the peel. Like a 1-2-3 shake and then one final shake to get it off. You should feel the whole pizza slide before you even put it in the oven, like shake the peel some and make sure your pizza is sliding.

They also recommend lifting the edge of the dough blowing under the dough to help it slide more, but that’s up to you. Your guests may think that’s funny!

Uuni pizza oven with pizza cooking inside.

After the first pizza is cooked, you’ll need to maintain the oven to make sure it stays at the temperature you want by add SMALL amounts of pellets and then torching the pellets to speed up the process.

My advice is to get all the pizzas ready first, line them up and cook them one after the other. The pizzas cook in under a few minutes when the oven is at 800 degrees.

You’ll need a good torch and wood pellets for this to work as well. Use the torch to make the process go faster. Just a little warning, the fire will come out the back so make sure no one is sitting behind or around the Uuni while you’re cooking!

A finished Uuni pizza

Look at that crispy, wood-fired crust! It’s SO yummy and authentic!

Homemade Pizza Dough

If you’re up for the challenge you can make a homemade dough or you can buy it!

Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods both sell dough. Sometimes your local pizza shop will sell you dough too. Same with the sauce! Make your own or try a good jarred sauce like Rao’s Homemade.

Chopped pizza salad.

I made Nancy’s Famous Chopped Salad because it reminds me of a traditional pizzeria salad and it’s SO good!

Lemon and Sage Moscow Mules

And we served our Lemon and Sage Moscow Mules! It was the perfect outdoor summer dinner!

Lemon and Sage Moscow mules

I hope you all learned a little something about the Uuni! We have a lot of fun with it and the pizza is always so good!

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