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French Girl Facial Polish

This deeply detoxifying formula is packed with natural herbs and flowers to provide an organic way to gently cleanse and exfoliate your skin. Like all things French, it’s beautiful and delicate! It would go wonderful with our DIY bath fizzes!


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Studio Formata is a Swedish design studio founded in 2016 by mother & daughter. They make the coolest marble serving trays in all different colors! Love the modern, colorful twist these have and think they would be beautiful at any party!

Made with fresh honey from Pennsylvania, this spreadable cinnamon bun cream is the perfect breakfast pair to toast, yogurt or event waffles!

These beautiful and modern sipping cups are the perfect way to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea! Each one is hand cast and glazed in fun colors!

A little of this spicy ginger shrub goes a long way! The intense taste of the ginger is balanced out by cane sugar and would be the perfect pairĀ for Moscow Mules–our fave!!

This new book from Baker’s Royale is full of fun ways to revamp classic desserts! It’s full of gorgeous photos and amazing recipes that we can’t wait to try!

This is by far the most beautiful TV we’ve ever seen! It’s made to mimic framed artwork when it’s turned off so it completely blends in with it’s surroundings. When it’s on, it has brilliant 4K images! The best of both worlds! I can’t wait to add this into our house!!

We’re in love with these gorgeous handmade wine glasses! The rose glass along with the 24k gold rim is such a beautiful combination!

This enamel ice cream container is the most charming way to store and scoop ice cream! It even comes with a matching scoop that’s magnetized so the pair can always stay together!

This hardcover book from French chef and author, Jean-Francois Mallet features 100 recipes focusing on foraged ingredients and game!

Finding new and beautiful flatware is one of our favorite things! This five-piece set from Anthropologie with white dipped stainless steel needs to belong in our collection!

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