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Hot Toddy Carry-On Cocktail Kit

Turn that hot in-cup flight of water into a delicious, wintery hot toddy! Perfect way to start your winter vacation! Cheers!


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We LOVE lavender! And this beautiful lavender plant from Japan comes in a plastic-lined paper grow bag complete with potting mix, seeds and instructions. Perfect for starting your spring garden! Get ready to add fresh lavender to everything!

This isn’t just any ordinary lip balm! This ointment is 100% natural and can be used on dry lips, skin, cuticles and nasal passages to hydrate and heal! It works so well!

This fun pineapple-shaped weaved basket is the perfect place to store toys or book in the corner of a nursery! Plus, the gold paint adds an extra layer of charm!

We’re in love with the idea of creating our own customizable shampoo and conditioner that’s formatted to your own specific needs! You answer a series of questions about your hair and choose your color, scent and name preference to finish it off! How fun and charming is that?!

We use edible flowers to garnish cocktails, desserts and salads! Each one of these seed bombs will produce a crop of edible flowers including calendula, marigold and nasturtium to name a few!

How sweet are these disposable gold foil heart napkins? They’d be perfect for setting up a Valentine’s Day table for friends!

This gorgeous vintage copper tea kettle was made in England circa 1850 and is a definite show stopper! Tea time is getting an upgrade for sure!

Out with the bulky giant juicers! Time to replace it with the most charming juicer of all, the Hurom. It’s compact and juices slowly. The juice lasts up to 72 hours and it’s EASY to clean! Looks like we have some fresh juice cocktails in our future!

We’ve been a fan of the stunning and luxurious Simone LaBlanc gift boxes for awhile, but we really adore this fine cocktail box that’s perfect for anyone! Be sure to check out the rest of the gift boxes on the site. They make wonderful presents!

This sweet wooden cocoa playset allows little ones to pretend to make their favorite winter drink! It comes with all the fixings for the perfect cup of (imaginary) hot chocolate!

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